It is almost six months since I've decided to write on a blog,
I am now sure that I am gonna pursue this activity through travelshroom.
I am deciding to invest all my time, energy, and some of my money to entertain everyone through this blog.
So this is me, on my first post.
It's was such an awkward moment on my first post. But now, even though the traffic of my blog is not as busy as the other popular blogs, I felt that I'm improving in speak and interact with other people and it's a pleasure for me that my work could be viewed around the world.

For me the advantages that I could experienced through blogging is :

1. Definitely, you gonna meet new friends that you have never met before.
2. Your work gonna be viewed around the world. And if it is possible, there will be a company that want to advertise in you blog, so that you will earn some money. *but i'm still looking for those company lol
3. Your speaking and interacting skill going to be improved.
4. You will have a place to put your idea into a tangible form which is quite hard for me in the past.

As a sign of my seriousness and my dedication in my hobby which are travelling and photography, well as respect for the readers who have faithful readers. I've changed my blog's domain into
I hope this update could readers find my old blog and new web easier than before.
I also wishing that my blog's traffic gonna rising too.

I hope you gonna pleased with this update. I also expecting your comments in my posts. Any comments are valuable to me even though it's only a solicitation friendship. For your information that travelshroom is now available for advertising space. For those who want to advertise his/him company product could contact me on e-mail I'm gonna consider your request as long as it is still related to travel.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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