Italy - Vatican Border

A sacred, small,strong country which is located near Italy.
Vatican is the smallest country in the world.
When I visited this country I asked my self some questions. One of them was why did the other countries did not attempt to invade this country as sometimes big countries will attempt to overcome the small countries.As soon as I went home, I try to find out why do these country especially Italy that is located near this country didn't invade Vatican?
Aside of the UN (United Nations) presence. In my opinion, they couldn't invade this country because this country is the center of the Catholic religion, so many countries especially countries that predominantly Catholic will protect Vatican.

Actually Vatican have no armed force. However, they have Swiss Guard. The Swiss Guard should guard the Pope. They are being responsible of the Pope's safety. They also should protect Pope's residence which is called Apostolic Place. Yet, I'm not going to talk about the Swiss Guard for today. I'm going to talk about it in the next opportunity. They is still a myriad interesting facts that I'm gonna tell you.

Jumping from Italy to Vatican.
It was only a step to go across this two country. Only a step through the fence and you have go to another country. Behind you is the country that famous for its pasta and in front of you there stand a big church. A church which is crowned as the first church which was built above St.Pete's tomb in 326. The famous church which is called St. Peter's Basilica. These picture below portray how close these two countries. Those two are only limited by a fence.

Italy-Vatican Border
Vatican-Italy Border

Rating :

This country is very unique. Especially how you will go across the border. You will find yourself switching rapidly. From the country that full of fine food which is represent worldly pleasures to a sacred country. You should experience it ! 


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