Introduction to Bali

I'd have to say Bali's my favorite place that I've visited.

-Christopher Meloni

Bali has become one of the most famous attraction in the world. Bali has attracted millions of tourist to come and feel its exoticism. Many of the tourist feel satisfied and becoming Bali as their favorite place. 

Actually Bali is the smallest province in Indonesia with 4.22 million population. Majority of their citizens are really friendly. They are really "open" to foreign cultures, while still keeping their original cultures. As a result, this province is known for its artwork such as traditional dance, sculpture, and also musics. 

You still haven't come to Bali if you haven't come to its beachFor me the most special thing about Bali is its beach. The heat of the sun is really right for sunbathing. The sand is quite warm. Attract you to take off your footwear and enjoy the warmth of the sand. The waves on the edge of the beach swash gently. But after you go several feet, it will be suitable for surfing. At dusk, enjoy the sun set. Bali is really suitable for a brief rest. 

The people is also friendly. You gonna find people who will try to communicate with you. In Indonesia it is strange if a strangers attempt to talk with you. But it is an exception in Bali. In another word, Bali is a heaven for thousands of people.  

Bali Island from above, Denpasar, Bali

To know more about the beach and my story that proof the friendliness of the local people around the area, CLICK HERE


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