Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

General Information :

Kuta Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Indonesia, especially in Bali. Kuta is famous within local and international tourists for its wonderful sunset and its hot climate that really fit for those who craving to be having a tan skin. For me, this beach is a must visit beach if you have a chance to visit Bali. I guarantee that Bali is wonderful. Many people love to visit Bali. In addition to the beauty of the sunset, this beach also offer the tourist to enjoy other activities that majority is managed by the local community. They are offering the tourist to enjoy the beach by doing water sport. Generally, the water sport they offer is surfing, parasailing, and banana boat. On this beach you also will find local people who offering for your hair plaited, ask you to make a temporary tattoo,offer you something to drink or even renting umbrellas to tourist. These local people usually gonna offer those service for a certain price. But the price isn't a nett price. Sometimes you could bargain the price because sometimes there are some merchants who offer high price to the tourists.

My Story :

As I had told you before that these local people is quite friendly. When I visited Bali, I went to Kuta beach. When I was waiting for the sunset, I was looking for some photos on the beach. While I was taking some photos, suddenly there was a man who talked to me. He asked where do I come from. After we had a short conversation, he started to suggest me some place to visit in Bali. I found that those information that I got from that man is really turns helpful. But the most interesting part of this beach is its enterance gate. The enterance gate is exotic. With the ornaments on it, it separates the crowd of the town with the joy of the warm beach. I stayed right on the beach til the sunset.

Kuta Beach, Kuta, Bali


1.Do not forget to use your cream. It might be sunblock or even cream that help your skin become tan. The main thing is to keep your skin keep healthy and doesn't get burned.

2. I do not recommend you to bring your private car as the parking lot isn't broad enough/

Rating :

This beach offer you a lot of fun. White sand, great water sport, and beautiful sunset is a great package of happiness. But really have to improve this beach cleanliness. But I believe that cleanliness can only be obtained if the tourist and local people help the government by keeping this beach clean.

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