The Louvre

General Information :

Museum Louvre or also known as The Louvre is one of the biggest museum in the world. Therefore, this museum has become a landmark of Paris,France. This enormous museum is located on the Right Bank of the Seine and completed its structure in 1874. Why I called it as an enormous museum? I called it that way because this museum is built on over 60,600 meters feet land with 35.000 object in it. So it is no surprising that more than eight million visitors are visiting this museum each year.

"Why there is a pyramid in Louvre museum josh ? "
Okay I'll try to explain it to you shroom.
So there is four of them in The Louvre courtyard. At the beginning of opening, The Louvre didn't have any pyramid. Yet, In the year of 1874, The Louvre built a pyramid due to divide the numbers of visitors everyday as the main lobby already too dense. Visitors who enter this pyramid will be taken to the spacious lobby then re-ascend into the main Louvre lobby.

My Story :

We got back to hotel after see the Eiffel Tower. On the next day, early in the morning, we continued our trip by bus and went to the most famous museum in Paris. It's also one of the most famous museums in the world. Yea, it is The Louvre. As I had mentioned before that this museum is located on the Right Bank of the Seine. Unfortunately, we didn't get inside, but just looked around and took some pictures for our memory. All of the tour member suddenly disappear and become busy with their own business. Mostly, the take their own picture in front of this museum. But I had something different to do.Actually, I didn't too like to be photographed. I prefer to take the picture of a landscape and share it on the blog for you guys. When I was aiming this museum with my camera I suddenly realized that I didn't bring any wide angle lenses. I couldn't put this building as a whole even though I had went away from this building and hoped to be able to took this museum picture in a whole! Oh my God! What a regret. This museum is really enormous! I feel very sad that I couldn't take the picture of this building. After around half an hour took some pictures, people were started to gather up and ready to go and continue our trip. The reason that we decided not to enter this museum because of our tight itinerary and also we believe that we won't have enough time to see the entire part of this museum. So this is Louvre museum with its glass pyramid that I took when I was going to Paris.

The Louvre, Paris, France


Rating :

This building is a must visit museum if you visit France. Because I think you haven't visit Paris if you haven't visit this famous museum. I don't suggest you guys to enter this museum if you are planning to have a tight schedule itinerary. But if you have much time in Paris, you should enter this museum as this museum keep thousands of antique stuffs which is really cool! Especially for those who love history 

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