Little Merlion

In 2009,
I had ever went to Singapore.
For me Singapore is an expensive country. You would spend quite much money when you travel to this country. But you also could travel there in budget because nowadays there is many ways to travel cheaply.

Tips to save on holiday :

1. Schedule your departure, so that you could book the tickets far in advance. Many budget airline would held a promo several times a year. I suggest you to buy at that time the promo is being held. 
2. It is better to buy the airline ticket by your own. Because you shouldn't pay a third-person's commission for the ticket. So you could get a cheaper ticket.
3. For those who have a flexible work schedule, I suggest you to go abroad in low-season *when nobody wants to go for holiday*
4. You also could save money by not buying luggage. Bring and buy stuffs and pack it wisely in a cabin bag. *Remember not to exceed the weight limit that has been specified*

 But at that time I was not mature enough to understand about it. More precisely, I don't want to understand about how much money that I spent at that time as I don't even interested with travelling as I had mentioned earlier.

I got around this country. Nothing special for me at that time. I wish I could repeat this trip but I still don't have any chance to go back to Singapore. I remembered that when I went to Singapore I saw the merlion

The Merlion is just right there, Singapore

I felt that I should see it because it is the emblem of this country. But actually I saw the merlion from far far away where I could see many buildings and tunnels. Can you see the merlion ? Lol. 
If you can't find it I will show it to you.
Based on my mother's story, she told me that long long ago when I was a little boy. My sister should have her tonsillectomy. So, we stayed here for several days. Obviously, my sister could went out of the hospital faster than we expect. Therefore, we went to travel around Singapore. My mother told me that she had taken me up the Merlion statue.
I felt lucky that at least I have ever visit Singapore. So that I could write my experience in Singapore on this blog. However I still wishing to go to Singapore once more one day.

Rating : 

"You're not going to Singapore if you have not seen merlion". This is the first sentence that occurred on my mind when I was giving this place a rating. So as this place is very important. I will give three star for this attraction. As this statue has been represent Singapore as a whole. Thanks to Merlion


  1. Dear Travelshroom...
    Same as my story. I couldn't see and take pics of Merlion on my first trip due to renovation for its birthday (Damn...!)

    Another story in SG (Indonesian):

    "Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time"

    1. When I went there it has just been renovated as it was struck by lightning.
      I didn't plan to go there actually as I felt that it was not important at that time.
      Thanks for visiting anyway Tukang Makan Angin.