My Regret

June 2004, I was traveled to China. I was only eight years old when I traveled here. I am feeling so dumb right now as we traveled there I was too busy played with my brand new game boy at that time. Now, there is only a little memory in my mind about my trip several years ago. 

I remembered that before I departed to China, I was craving for the famous console at that time, it was game boy advance sp. My grandmother promised me to buy me one in China. Actually at that time, I agreed to go because of my grandmother's promise. We got a tour and departed to China, we traveled to several district such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Macau. I didn't feel even interested to go for holiday. We took Brunei Airlines as our airline, as we are Christian we felt a little bit uncomfortable with this airline custom. Every single flight in Brunei Airline will be begins by an Islamic prayer. But this custom was still tolerable as I believe that every religion should respect each other. I really felt much better when the stewardess gave me some toys to make me relax during the flight which wasn't short for kids in general. 

We also have transited to Brunei before headed to our destination, China. Unfortunately I wasn't as enthusiastic as today so that I didn't take even a photo in Brunei. Hopefully my experience can be useful for you guys that it's better to leave your kids at home because base on my memory, kids will feel happier playing at home than travelling which is probably won't they remember. 

A photo in Guangzhou,
 by eight years old me


  1. You took this pic when you're still 8 years old? wow..talented boy hehe

    1. As I remember I was eight years old when taking this picture.
      But it was very hard for me to find a photo with even a fair condition as thousands of them were failure.
      I also admiring your blog too! I hope you wanna be my friend :D

  2. ehhh suka deh ma kolam yang beginian...boleh kan nyebur....hehe

    1. Kalok siap di tangkep satpam nih mas.