My First Camera, My First Trip

Since I had posted my latest post about my trip to China,
I believe that many of you thought that "how an eight years old kid took a picture" ?

Believe it or not, I've my first camera since I went to China. My father bought an Olympus Camedia. My camera in the past isn't as simple as today. It's so big and heavy so that many people usually laughed at me as it's even bigger than my grip. Yet I felt so interested with camera. I brought that camera everyday even though while I was playing around my house. The amazing thing was, my father let me use the camera and didn't care about those scorns. He told me that he felt that I have a talent in photography. I really thankful that I was given a good father.
My Old Pal

However those photos that I found last week really made me insult myself. There was hundreds of photos that blurred and thousands of them were taken aimless. But after scanned for hours I found that there was a photo that could still be saved with some re-touches. From this incident I learned that humans develop over time if he keep practicing, and for you fathers do not limit your child's talents, although there is a risk of losing money, let them be creative according to their imaginations.


  1. i love your photographs! awesome! keep clicking your shutter! ;)

    1. Thanks Happy A.S. Wijaya !
      I'm glad you like it.
      I hope you disposed to come back :D