Three Kingdom City

In 2009, We traveled around Shanghai, China. Today, I'll share you a story of mine when I traveled to Wu Xi.

That day I was so excited when my tour guide told us that we were going to visit the "Three Kingdom City" where the romance of the three kingdom was filmed there. It was so windy dry day as we went there. It was the right time to sail as it was not raining at all. The Three Kingdom City rented the tourist a ship which was used for the filming of this movie. As we voyaged I found a little boat come across the river that we rafted. I found that there was an old couple was inside a boat. And here they are!

The Old Lovers, Wu xi, China
As we step aside I felt quite disappointed as they only recounted the outline of the story without enclose the details of the romance. Sluggishly I continued our trip. When I walked around, I found a merchant which hired out the costume, I found that it was not interesting as I didn't too interested in traveling at that time. But now, I was chagrined. However as an information for you guys that the photo spot isn't quite uncomfortable, it was located on the edge of the road which is quite crowded. So it was so uncomfortable as many people will watching at you. The price is also isn't cheap, you should pay several dollars to rent them. But it may be worth it as you won't know if you can come back to this place in the future or not.

Our trip continued by the stage attraction that was held in the "Three Kingdom City". The attraction lifted the "Three Kingdom" roman. Unfortunately the narrator was using Mandarin language. So I didn't understood what they are talking about. They were looked like forces antiquity which rode a horse and drove alternately.

I do not really recommend this place to visit. But for those of you who already read or even watch the roman of the "Three Kingdoms". I believe that you will definitely enamored with this tourist attractions.

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