New Blog Feature : Rating

Today, I am going to announce our blog new feature.
I hope that this additional feature can give more information for you guys.

So here it is !




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I am going to give my rating to my every post. I don't meant to offend or promote any party. As it is just my own opinion base on my experience while traveling. As we all know that opinion is something that is relative and purely my own thoughts. As an information that I haven't accepted any commercial sponsors from any party at the moment. I am only writing what I want to write and I want to make my readers get a different point of view about a tourist site from my writings and not to promote any party.

Even if in the future there is a party that going to advertise themselves in my blog, I'll announce it on the post title and the review will be also a honest review. I won't lie simply because of money, as the trust of the reader is important for me.

I hope you gonna pleased with my new update this week. 
Stay tuned! As my recent post will be published tommorow. 
Good night readers!

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