The Diamond Factory In Amsterdam

We visited the Gassan Diamond Factory when we traveled to Amsterdam.

I wrote this article NOT to promote this factory yet indeed they were a reasonable place to visit as they provided a free tour for the tourist to see how the diamond was being processed. Considering that Amsterdam has known as "City of Diamonds" for over 425 years, we shall visit where these diamonds were being process right in Amsterdam. Therefore today I'll share my experience to you guys when I visited this diamond factory.

After we voyaged within the canal cruise. I found that we pulled over into a enormous building. The picture below was the rear part of the building. We got inside from the rear door and got out from the front door.

As we got in we were welcomed by the guide which was specially be in charge to serve the Indonesian tourist. As we talked by, we knew that he was Indonesian as same as us. In Europe, they compete to serve the tourist as it was hard to find workplace. They gave us multilingual explanation so that every of use got the information perfectly.

Inside the building I met a western man who were struggling with a machine. He was in charge honing the diamonds. As our tour guide ask him a diamond to be on displayed for us. He asked our tour guide where are we come from. As soon as he knew that we came from Indonesia. He directly spoke in Bahasa. We all shocked! How come a western man can spoke Bahasa this fluent. Afterward he explained us that his mom is come from Indonesia and his father comes from Amsterdam.

From that place we were taken to a room by the guide and he started to show and offer us the diamonds. It was quite boring for me as I didn't planned to buy any diamonds as I can't afford it. Lol. As we got down we found a show window that contain many watches. I craved for it. But unfortunately it was too crowded so that the attendant was too busy so they didn't service me directly. So I rushed off and continue my journey.

Gassan Diamond Factory, Amsterdam

Rating :
I gave three star out of five for this place as this place provide a free tour yet they still maintain their service, cleanliness of the place, and the most important is their educating trip that rarely can be met. But their priority is to promote their diamonds that make the trip boring for tourists in general.Especially for those who are not planning to buy any diamonds. And perhaps they could add some attendant so that all customers will be served appropriately

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