Windmill, The Heart of Netherlands

As we traveled by bus, it was normal for us to spent several hours sit on the bus that will bring us to our destination. As I was bored at that time. I tried several times to capture something but it was failure. Maybe you are facing the same problem as me. So today, I am going to give you some tips that I hope can be useful for you guys.

  • Set your camera shutter as fast as it could. But remember to adjust it with the light atmosphere around you. The brighter it is the faster you can use.
  • Aim carefully the object. Place your camera as close as you can to the window.
  • Turn off your flash to omit reflection
  • Sit next to the most clear window of the bus. If necessary, you can clean the window before you enter the bus 
  • Do not afraid to try. Take as much photos as you can.
  • It will better to change your lens mode into manual focus so that you can focusing more accurately. In case to take a good picture blurred the window and focus to the object.
  • Bring a circular polarizer which is really help to reduce reflection.

As an example, this photo below was taken by me from the bus. It was a traditional windmill that has been hard to be find because it has been replaced by the modern one. As an information, windmill is a machine that helps the people to produce rotational energy by convert the energy of the wind. And those rotational energy were used by the people in the past in purpose to milling grain. So here it is!


Rating :
Even though there is no specific place to see the windmill in particular. However windmill has become a part of the Netherlands and scattered in several places in Netherlands. But nowadays it's quite rare to find this type of windmill. So come, feel and see the fraction of the Netherlands that you won't get anywhere else.


  1. Wow, you traveled a lot to overseas..Keep traveling!

    1. Haha.
      I hope I could go more often :D
      There are some destination that I haven't post yet. I am posing those post every Wednesday and Saturday.
      So stay tuned pal!

  2. Useful tips... ;) as my promise, I visit your blog... Love the contents ^o^ ...Start to read them one by one...

    1. Wohooo !. Hahhahha
      I feel glad that you love the contents !
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