Glad to be Lost : Dam Square and The Palace

Last holiday, as we all knew that I traveled to Europe. And this was one of the destination that we headed. 
We went to the Dam Square where all people, old and young, rich or poor, married or even single come and gather right here to meet and greet with wide variety of purposes.

If you come to Dam Square, you will be surrounded by buildings. In other words, you can see four buildings that stand around you. Today, I will examine my trip to the Dam Square especially when we visited the Royal Palace, Amsterdam. 

At that time, I was lost ! The crowd of the square had separated us. So I path my own way for a while. Since the beginning, I have been very interested with the building that surround us. First, I looked at the Royal Palace. This palace was used by the Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, King of Holland. When I walked around this building I saw many people did their own business without interfered with each another. I saw a bride with their friends chillin out, some attraction such as the man who fed the wild birds by put the corn inside his mouth and the birds start to beaked these corns. and the most interested part of this square was how these people make a living for themselves. As you can see in the picture below there were several man was using a costume and ask the tourist to take photos with them. They put a container in front of them with a hope that the tourist will give them several euros.

But I didn't take this opportunity as my mom haven't gave me any money as we have just arrived. So I continue my journey. I couldn't find my family members till the dinner time. Fortunately, my tour guide has determined and told me the restaurant that we would visit for dinner. After waited for several hours, my family came right the to the restaurant! What a day, I told them what I did all day long. They looked very worried about me as I often missing in some of our trips as curiosity has drove my legs to go ahead.

Inadvertently, my tour guide heard my story about the man in the costume. Suddenly, He warned us that these man often ask quite a lot. It was not voluntary donations. He warned us that it was such a waste to spend your money only for took some pictures. 

The Royal Palace, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Man In Costume, Amsterdam

Rating :
Good ! This place showed the diversity of Amsterdam. The heart of Amsterdam where you can feel the real atmosphere of this county. I recommended you to visit this place. But be careful of pickpockets, fraudsters impersonate costumes, and the most important is keep on eye on your family member as it is easy to be separated within the crowd.

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