Glad to be Lost : The Royal Investiture

At that moment, I looked around and thought where were my family could be. I saw a building with a bright color banner. The building was entered by many people. So I decided to go there as the bright banner had appealed my eyes.

Actually I went to this place in purpose to looked after my family. As I had told before that I was lost around the Dam Square. I looked up and read the banner. "Investiture", It sounded very smart for me as I didn't understood what did it mean. However I ignored it and directly enter the building to investigate if my family were right there. 

When I was about to enter the building. I realized that there were several army that guarded this palace by looked after the visitors belonging and I didn't know exactly why they did that. Maybe they searched for armed men who tended to ruin this site. As it was quite common to find perpetrators of public places or even historical sites. As I got in, I saw a big signpost that reads its entrance fee. As I have got no money at all I got out from that building and stayed outside and wished if my family went out from that building and met me. After a while I got bored and continue my journey.

As I went home I searched about the "Royal Investiture". I really curious as I have not had the opportunity to got in at that time. I surprised when I found that the Royal Investiture was a exhibition that was being held at that time. Actually this building was called The Nieuwe Kerk which is also known as New Church in English. Even though it is known as New Church it was no longer used for Church service yet for an exhibition space and organ recital. Then I just realized that I just missed one of the most important moment in the world that have been ever happened. My God!

The Nieuwe Kerk / New Church, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rating :
I believe that you are asking me a question why did I give only two stars for this attraction. I gave two stars for this place because Nuewe Kerk is only become "wow" rarely, depend on the event that is being implemented. After those events past this place is not too special even though there is a organ recital, it won't attract the tourist in general. 

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