Being Mobile In Netherlands

Can't bring your bulky DSLR ?
maybe a pocket hybrid camera is the answer.
But there is another alternate rather than using a pocket camera.
It is more simple and mobile.

It is mobile phone!

I took several picture using mobile phone while I was in Amsterdam. I borrowed my father's phone. Maybe I better don't tell you the brand and the series as I am not going to promote any brand right now. Because I believe that every phone, even an old mobile phone is able to do this simple steps.

  • Try to capture everything that you go pass by. As you might get tons of them are failure. Use your burst mode if available.
  • Select some photos that aren't too bad. Then start to imagine what are you going to do with these photos.
  • Try to retouch them as slightly as you can.  Nowadays there is so many editing application for mobile phones which is quite helpful while you can't reach your laptop. But try to make them stay natural.
  • Crop is usually be needed when you are using the mobile phone camera because it usually only focused in a point and become blurred in the other part of the photo. After you cropped it, you could add some blurred affect to relieve the blurred part which is unable to be cropped. You also could add some filter effect to make your photo tone more interesting if you like to.

So this photo below is one of several photos which was taken using a mobile phone while I was traveled to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Cityscape, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Rating :
Amsterdam cityscape is really great. You won't find this kind of atmosphere in other place. It is really peaceful, isn't too crowded but still provide some public transportation such as bike which is really popular right here. Some small rivers adorn this city and has become an icon as Amsterdam is highly related with the dam.


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