Belgian Painter

Today, I gonna give you some tips that I hope will be useful for you guys to take a candid photo especially when you are traveling around. So here it is :

  • Handheld your camera as a moment is come and disappear in a second. You won't have time to unpack your camera for your case as the moment will past as soon as you ready with your camera.
  • Turn off your flash so that your object won't feel awkward. 
  • I recommend you to use your telephoto lens because the telephoto lens can take someone's photo unconsciously. As there is some people who doesn't want their face being in your photo. Using telephoto lens also helps to capture your object more naturally.
  • As the moment come and go quickly I recommend you to use the continuous / burst mode to increase the chances of success.
  • It always nice to capture the person with their activities as well to make the photo looks more alive.
  • If your object looks aware, do not put your viewfinder to your eyes as it will make the crazy.
  • Ask their permission before take their picture if it is possible. Sometimes there are some people who don't mind if you take their picture. However, it will be more polite if you ask their permission before take some picture.

In Belgium, I saw a painter in a crowd. I took a picture of him and it looks great !The painter cheerful smile and the enthusiastic little boy in front of the exotic buildings in Belgium is a great composition. I really grateful to met him as a fellow artist. In my country many painters didn't receive much attention from the government especially the amateur artists. I hope that in the future, the artist will get more attention from the government and society.

Artists Life, Brussels, Belgium

Rating :

As not every tourist love art. I can't give too much to this kind of attraction as it is too subjective for me. But I really love it this photo above. It capture the activity and the mood at that time and be able to tell what was going on. Furthermore, I don't suggest you to buy one as it will be hard to carry as you will take a long flight and I believe that it will burden you during your flight time. 


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