General Information :

Atomium is a tourist attraction in Brussels, Belgium. Actually, it was built for the World Fair in Brussels 1958 that designed by the engineer AndrĂ© Waterkeyn and architects AndrĂ© and Jean Polak. However, Atomium has become the symbol of Europe's Capital. This structure height is 102 meters tall. And as you can see, Atomium is divided into nine clad spheres. You are able to go up and see various view from the topmost sphere of the building. You will get a view when look to the north and another view if you look to another point. Unfortunately, many people told me that the price doesn't justify what we will get to see.

The view that you will get to see in the topmost sphere :

  • North :  The whole of the Exhibition Park (Brussels Expo)
  • North East : If the weather is great, you can see Antwerp's port as well as its cathedral.
  • East : The Royal estate, Stuyvenberg castle and Brussels National airport (Zaventem).
  • From the South to west : the city of Brussels, from the high-rise buildings of the Northern Quarter (also known as Manhattan) to the imposing Koekelberg Basilica, Grand Place and the Law Courts. On the horizon, you can make out Charleroi and Neigem hill (Neigembos - altitude 100m).

My Story :

We continued our trip from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Brussels, Belgium. It took quite long to be delivered to Brussels. I was really bored in the bus craving to walk around. As time goes by my bus finally parked up and we got several minutes to examine around and have a short rest. 

It was a good day to examine around. It is sunny day but wasn't too hot. I took out my sunglasses and my camera and started to take some pictures. My family went to the toilet. But I got something else to do that was more important. I went to walk around and take some picture. I got some information that this building was built in purpose for the world fair. When I was walked around In the building I found a coin souvenir which was cost around around 1 until 1.5 euros. I took out some coins from my wallet and also made one as a souvenir. Finally after made it up I went out and tried to took its picture. I found that this building is enormous! I should walk several feet to take this building picture as a whole. But my effort was totally worth it. I got something for you guys that won't you get anywhere else except in Brussels, Belgium. As I got home I found that Atomium provide the "Panorama". As I have told you before that panorama is an attraction that you can visit in Atomium. Unfortunately, I have got no time to get to the topmost of this building as we have to continue our trip. I found that many people capture wonderful pictures up there. But they also told me that the price quite expensive as well.

Coin Souvenir

Tips :

For those who wanna take this building photos. I suggest you to take it as a whole because it is quite meaningless if you take it part by part. Excepting, If you want to expose the detail part of this building. If you visit Atomium just go walk to the field that is located near the Atomium. I guarantee that you'll get its picture in a whole if you go far enough. By the way the field is quite crowded. So you should place your camera creatively to avoid too many tourist come into your photos. Haha. The way you place your camera also help you to create a unique angle. You might also should try to place your camera on your overhead so that your camera will get high enough to dodge these people's head. Hahaha

Atomium, Brussels, Belgium

Rating :

This building should be visit for you guys as it is an icon of Brussels. Moreover, this building also provide you a great view of Brussels from its topmost sphere. Yet, based on the Atomium website, adults should pay 11 euros to go up and 8 euros for students. Unfortunately, the price has the potential to discourage tourists to go up.


  1. Some locals said that it is not worth it to enter the atomium. I went there but just took picture outside hehe.. :D

    1. Ya! Some of them told me that it's not too worth it.
      I hope this attraction gonna be an attraction with free entrance fee.
      Thanks anyway to visit my blog!