Bad Memory in Amsterdam

It's weekend! Time to have fun dudes.
Hahahaha !

When we traveled to Amsterdam, we got an additional destination as we got back on time to the bus on the first day. But it's the first and last day that we got into the bus timely.

As an reward our tour guide took us to Zaanse Schans which wasn't written down on the itenary. Zaanse Schans is famous for it's cheese, clogs and windmill. I bought a pack of barbecue cheese that tastes really nice, and a pack of stroopwafel. I really recommend you to buy those things as you can't buy it anywhere else. Even though you find it, the taste will be really different.

At this place, I didn't took too much photos because I really wanna enjoy the ambiance of this place. I love this place, the air is so fresh as it was quite hard to find vehicle inside this area, the people were quite nice even though there were a group of guys who swam in the river. As I was sitting on the bench in front of them, they felt that I was watching at them. They teased at me and shouted "No Chinese, no Chinese" I felt pissed at that time and got away. As I walked away I found a unique house which was decorated with clogs which is famous in Amsterdam. As I got in, I thought that this was just a usual souvenir shop but as I got inside I found a man who performed how to make clogs. The decoration right here was also quite unique with the clogs on the ceiling of this building.As you can see on the photo there was colorful clogs hanged on the ceiling. Hahaha! Maybe they were lacked of space till they have to hanged them all. Haha

A Sculpture at the Entrance 

As I got home the bad memory vanish and the lovely memories still.

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