My Mandarin Assignment

Happy Thursday everyone !

Thank you for all of my reader who have waited for my recent post.

Two weeks ago, my teacher told me to do an assignment in purpose to add some score in Mandarin subject. And I easily undertook that assignment. On the same time, I just realized that I am going to face my midterm test soon. Oh my God ! She asked me to make a poster that contained a Bible Verse that should be in Mandarin. It was an easy assignment for me. But I really didn't have time if I have to do it during my midterm test. But luckily the deadline of this assignment was still far away so that I could focused on my midterm test first then proceed to my assignment.

On the next Monday, after went home from school I determined to finish my work. That day was last day of the test. So I really be aware of the lazy air strike. Lol. That day the weather was quite windy. But I really wondered if that evening the sunset will be appear and drowned into the sky beautifully so that I could use it for my assignment's background. I've to defeat my laziness and went up to my house attic and braved the rigors of wind. But the sunset isn't as I desired. It was so disappointing.

However a good photographer will produce a satisfactory results in any condition. I believe that the statement is really true. "Even though the weather and the mood wasn't support me at all, I'll make something special today" that words motivated me when took the picture that day. So I took some photos and process it as my teacher expected.

My Mandarin Assignment

And today, I've submitted my work and my teacher feel quite satisfied with my work. Yay! Victory! Hahaha

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