The Delicious Macaroons

A macaroon is a type of light, baked confection, described as meringue-like cookies depending on their consistency. It tastes sweet. And nowadays it's popular because it comes with more kind of flavor which is always increasing time by time. For me, the best flavor is the caramel flavor. You must try the macaroons in Paris, because it tastes different. It's texture and sweetness is just right. You'll taste the original taste of macaroon as it's made by Italian baker in FRANCE! 

Anyway, I have talked about macaroon a little bit when I traveled to the Avenue of des Champ-Elysses. On our trip, we found a famous macaroons shop in France called *censored*. It's a green,old-fashioned, single level building which was fully loaded with people in it.When we came in, we felt very lucky beacuse there was only several people had stood in a line in order to buy macaroons. So that I won't wait too long.Therefore I waited patiently on the line. But I really salute the attendants. Because even there were several people on the line they could serve them all pleasantly and quick so that the line didn't get longer.

The also provide box for those who want to send the macaroons as a present. But the free box is also available for those who want the macaroons for themselves. The box is not as ugly as it's price is free. It is very beautiful with some ornaments and it's brand on it.


*I apologize that I should censored the name of the store because we do not want to offend any party. Thank you very much

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