Every Wednesday and Saturday

I have quite hard times with my studies lately. Inexhaustible exams really make me stress. As soon as I came back from Europe I knew that I will be confronted by thousands of exams, and honestly it makes me craving for another holiday. I hope that I could live like the figure in "harvestmoon" which is able to sleep through the year so that when I wake up everything is exactly as I expected. But I really realize that it is impossible.
Fungi learns how to strobe. LOL.

Anyway I've tried to keep my blog updated for you guys, and I hope you gonna love my journal. Oh! I also should tell you that as I am going to face my graduation exam soon. I will write in my blog only every Wednesday and Saturday. I hope you don't mind about it.I suggest you to read my previous post while waiting for my recent updates. Stay tuned!

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