Unpleasant Experience in Paris

As the sky is getting dark. The rest of the group had got back to the hotel.  It was 8 o'clock at night but the sky was still bright. In Europe, when summer comes the daytime is extended, so that even 8 o'clock we can't fell asleep at all. So as a teenager,  my friend and I were going to look around at the most famous street in Paris which I had said before in my latest post which is located next to the Arc de Triomphe monument. 

Yeaaa,, it is The Avenue des Champs-Elysses.
The Arc de Triomphe at night, Paris, France

When we arrived there, we found hundreds of café and branded shops along the street. There is also a unique vehicle which offer you a trip for several euros. But we decided not to rent the vehicle because it's too risky to go out with strangers. One thing that amused me was the sport car such as Ferrari, etc which is available for rent with reachable price! I really wanna try to ride on it. But my friend didn't agree with my opinion.  So we just went through.

As we went through we visited macaroon shop which is quite famous in Paris. Then after we continued our trip we found a nice cafe to visit. It was not too crowded, and looked to have some delicious dish to be had. It is *censored*. When we arrived there, they gave us a place so that we could choose what we would like to eat. We planned to share a cup of hot chocolate together. Then when we called the waiter and asked for a cup of hot chocolate. The waiter asked us what else what we want. At that time we just thought to order it first than we would add it in a second. But the waiter meanly told us that we should give our whole order and each person should order at least one food/drink or we should go out. I really disappointed with the service. Therefore we ordered two glasses of hot chocolate, drank it quickly, paid the bill. Then directly went out from the cafe.

I apologize for censoring the name of the cafe that we visited because we do not want to offend any party. Thank you very much.

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