The Reclining Buddha

Firstly, we went to Wat Pho Temple to see the famous reclining Buddha. There was a little change on our itinerary because our driver predicted that the Royal Palace that should be our first destination in Thailand gonna be full of bus and of course a bunch of tourists around the world. This is one of the the advantages of having a local tour in your destination.

Before we enter the Wat Pho temple, of course we should buy a ticket first. You should pay 100 bath for the ticket. But as a return you could exchange your ticket after you went inside with a bottle of mineral water. You don't have to pay again for the mineral water. As an information, this temple is open at 8 AM and close at 5 PM in the afternoon.

It was quite crowded when I came there. Many people including us was busy to open our shoes and sandals because based on the temple rules that we should took of our footwear. Instead, they also gave us a bag to put our shoes in it so that we didn't have to brought our shoes with our hand that gonna quite annoying for some tourists.

So, what is so special about this temple ?
As I stated before this place is famous for its reclining Buddha. The figure is located inside a building and when you come inside you gonna found a 15 meters tall, 46 meters long Buddha and covered by gold leaf!

The Reclining Buddha between the Pillars, Bangkok, Thailand 

Tips :

When you are going to this temple, I suggest you to wear an inappropriate outfit to respect the Buddhist and also it has become of of several rules before you entering the temples. If the officer/ employee find you wearing an inappropriate outfit such as short pants, sleeveless shirt and others they gonna ask you to rent a piece of cloth that you should pay to enter the temples. Moreover, I really recommend you to wear sandals when you are visiting Thailand because you must took off your shoes in many places, and I know that it is quite troublesome when you have to open your shoes frequently. I also gonna tell you some places where you should take off your shoes so that you gonna realize that slippers are really fit the tourists when going abroad to Thailand.

The Reclining Buddha, Bangkok, Thailand

Rating :

I rated fair for this destination as this destination has a huge area but they haven't be developed. This attraction just focusing on the reclining Buddha and become quite boring when you are going around. I hope they gonna developed the other area of this attraction.

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