First Day, First Impression

After four hours flight, finally we arrived at Bangkok,Thailand. Our flight was delayed for an hour and it really made me extremely bored that I should waited in the airport. I really eager to fly that day as it is Christmas holiday dudes, time to relax and time to travelling. Hahaha

We arrived at Don Mueang (DMK) around 9.30 PM and our guide has waited right on the meeting point that we have approved before. As an information that Don Mueang airport is one of two airports in Bangkok,Thailand. Don Mueng airport also considered as the one of several oldest airport that still operating till today. 

"First impression gonna be very awkward". That was the only sentence that I said to my mom right before we went out from the airport building and met our guide. I was very touched when I saw her waiting for us while the airport has deserted as our flight was delayed till late night. We introduced each other and went in to a mini bus. Tadaaa, so this mini bus gonna took us went around Thailand for five days. Our guide also introduced our driver too. She told us that he was a professional driver that she usually work with. His name is El, as I am younger than him, I called him Phi El. Phi is use for calling someone that older than you in Thailand. This is Asia culture, we should respect the older people by a certain call. Every country has a different call. Right before I went home I really realized that what she told us on the first day isn't a mere illusion. But indeed, they are really professional. I really appreciate it. 

From the airport to our hotel it took around half an hour. We took mandarin hotel as our choice because they have a great reputation. We haven't eat anything within the flight so that we asked her to bring us to a restaurant so that we could have our supper. Then, she brought us to a restaurant near our hotel. This is the first impression that I got from Thailand, they have thousands of delicious food! As we got inside, we directly ordered our meals. This restaurant sells everything that related with duck. The dish gonna be on our video in Thailand as I felt that this meal should be in our video as it is delicious. 

After we filled our tummy with duck we went to our hotel to take a rest. As in Thailand, Mandarin hotel isn't as famous as in Singapore I want to show you the room, they have a clean and comfortable rooms. We enjoy to stay in this hotel. Not like what was happening in Pattaya. The hotel in Pattaya is really different with this hotel. But I am gonna tell you what happened to us in Pattaya in the next post.  Happy Travelling !

Mandarin Hotel Room, Bangkok, Thailand

By the way, this post wasn't created for promotions. We just felt satisfied with this hotel service and want to share with you guys. Travelshroom didn't earn any money at all from this post. Thankyou


  1. Can't hardly wait to next post in Pattaya


    1. Hahaha,
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