Do and Don't in Thailand

I went to Thailand last Christmas. I visited many interesting places. Several of these interesting places are also known as temple. I realized that many of you gonna feel bored and doesn't feel interested with those places. But, for me temple is one of my best places to capture great moments.

When I went to Wat Pho temple I met a monk around the temple.He was moving around and around the temple. I took his picture because the monks have a strong relation with Thailand because majority of the Thai people are Buddhist. I can feel the atmosphere and recall my memories in Thailand by observing this photo. From this picture I felt that I wanna know more about Thai Traditions as we are in the same continent and Thailand is one of few countries that still hold their traditions firmly. So this is some tips that gonna be very useful when you are in Thailand. 

1. Do dress appropriately and conservatively.

When you are visiting Thailand and planning to visit some temples. You should wearing conservative dress, a footwear that has a strap so that it isn't known as slippers.

2. Do step around People

 If anyone is sitting on the floor. Do not step over him or even step over him. Instead, walk around. Because it is rude to step over people

3. Treat a book respectful

Thai people believe that books are a place where people could get education. Therefore, they believe that book should be treat respectful

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1. Don't do or even say something that disrespectful their king. 

Thai people love their king. There is king's photos everywhere along the street. You could be arrested if you do or even say something that disrespectful and also to the royal family.

2. Do not point your feet to anyone.

For Thai people, feet are looked as an unclean part of human body. So, showing your "unclean" body part gonna be so rude for them. I suggest you do not do that during your holiday in Thailand.

3. Take off your shoes before come into the temple or someone's house.

This thing is happening in many countries in Asian continent. Indonesian people also do this due value politeness.

4. It will be better if you don't shake someone's hand.

Not all Thai people accustomed with this western customs. Thai people are used to put both of their palm together like in prayer.

5. Do not touch someone's head

For Thai people, their head is a sacred part of their body. Only the monk are allowed to touch their forehead to bless them. I didn't suggest you to this unless you have asked the person's permission before touching their head.

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