The Living Water

Hey dudes!
yaaa, today I'm coming in a different day than I should be.
I also didn't keep my promise last week.
I am really sorry for it.
I am really busy with my school final exams. Last week, I thought that I gonna finished my test as soon as possible. But I was wrong, I have to face my final exam this week. So I apology that I don't have much time to write. I hope you gonna understand.

Today, I am taking some of my time to write and tell you a story of mine.Actually, this is isn't an tourist attraction. I just wanna share you some of my experience while travelling and photographing landscapes. I hope you gonna learn something in the end of this story.Exactly, this story happened two years ago. I was in my first year of senior high school. At that time, I was not be allowed to drive because I should be seventeen years old to get my driving license. So a driver will deliver me wherever I wanna go. Of course with my parents permission. When we were going around a town we were got into a street that has markets on its roadside. The road called "Banyu Urip" or in English called Living Water. Along that road there are many semi-permanent buildings but it doesn't rule out possibility that there also exist a beautiful, big houses. Okay, houses in this street isn't too caught my eyes. But there is something that really draw my attention. In a vacant lot bounded by tarpaulins there lived a old, withered tree. I found that it was cool. I was determined to took its picture once I come back there. So here it is ! 

Weathered Tree, Surabaya, Indonesia

So, from this story we can learn that, even a old tree could be a "hook" for our inspiration. Although, it isn't looks important, it could have another meaning behind it. Of course, when you pack it with an interesting idea. Unfortunately, you couldn't find this weathered anymore as it has been cut down in rainy season to avoid it fall into the street.


  1. wow keren banget dah blogger yang satu ini, fully english coy.. gambarnya juga ok, salut

    1. Aiihh,
      Got a great compliment from a great blogger.
      Thanks a lot!