Korean Blue House

"I believe there's something out there watching over us. Unfortunately, it's the government."

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I give two stars for this attraction! It offer the tourists a tour to look around for free. The tour takes around one hour. It is quite interesting to observe the building here. The most interesting part is when you been able to visit the president dude! Unfortunately, it doesn't mean that you gonna meet the president directly. However, the distance limit also quite disappointing for tourists who only passing by.  


  1. masih lebih bagus rumah bupati di sini kayaknya..hehe

    1. Hey Backpackerborneo!
      I do not agree with your statement.
      As this photo above is only the front part of the building. It hasn't reveal the luxury of the other six buildings behind it. So your statement above isn't valid at all.
      Yet, I appreciate your opinion.