New Header !!

Hey readers !
I am sorry for tardiness of posts.
I am quite busy with my tests this week.

Instead, I have prepare something that will beautify my blog.

I just got my new blog header. 
This time, the header presented more relaxed but keep represent my blog.
So,from now on, I'll change my watermark from The Travelling Mushroom into travelshroom.
I just changed my watermark to make it more simple. In the past, travelshroom is my blog address and The travelling mushroom is my blog title and watermark. But from now on I'll use travelshroom for all of them. But both of them are still in my copyright.
I can guarantee both, The Travelling Mushroom and travelshroom photos are all mine.
I also cannot tolerate all form of cyber robbing. If you wanna use the photos of The Travelling mushroom or travelshroom you should ask my permission before using it.
I hope you gonna understand.

Thanks to who have done a great job. 
I hope we can work together again on the another opportunity.

For this week maybe I won't post anything. As I am so busy with my school assignment and test. I am trying to finish it soon so I could write some review for you guys that I hope gonna be helpful for you.

As an apology, for next week.

I'll post two times more often than the previous weeks.
I hope you could understand. 

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