Belgian Brewers

General Information :

So, Belgian Brewers. I was totally unfamiliar with that word. When I looked up on the dictionary, brewers means a process which is held to make a beer. Moreover, I found that The Belgian Brewers is the oldest professional brewers in Belgium. Actually, Belgian Brewers is a brewery museum which was built around 17th century. Nowadays, this building show the tourists how the beer is made. 

My story :

I didn't know at all if there was a beer museum in the Grand Palace at that time. When I was editing these photos, I was curious about what were those buildings that surround the town hall. So I zoomed it to take a look. I found that several of them are restaurants and cafes in usual. But I found something different with this building. It didn't look much different than the others, but it has a gold horse statue up there. When I looked more carefully I found an inscription reads "Maison Des Brasseurs". I didn't understood what did it means as maybe it was written in Dutch language. So I copied it on a search engine and found its website. But I found that its website wasn't too helpful. I am not offending any party but I am just write what I feel right now. I also read some people reviews about this museum. I've read hundreds of visitors review, and most of them wasn't felt satisfied after came in to this museum. It cost several euros, exact 5 euros. And most of them said that it isn't worth to spend your money and time to visit this place because this museum is small and doesn't give you enough entertainment as their trip is so short. Instead, they will give you a glass of beer so that you won't feel aggrieved. After look after the photos of the visitors, I quite became convinced with their reviews about this place as it looks small and not interesting. I believe that the view that being offered outside this museum is more attractive. But there is nothing wrong to taste the Belgium beer. As most countries has their own beer taste. 

Tips :

If I could be back to Belgium, I won't go in this museum as it is quite unworthy. But if I have some extra money I will use it to go inside,to add some experiences. So I can write more accurately. However, this place will be more interesting if it become a free attraction. So the tourist will be get more attracted.Because price has been an important factor which make the tourist feel not interested.

Rating :

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I felt sorry to give this attraction only one star. As this attraction isn't too attractive. This is worsened by enactment of a paid admission. But you will be presented with Belgian-style beer which won't you get anywhere else. Because the taste of a beer is typical, it won't taste the same in anywhere else.


  1. Masih dalam Dream List buat gw pergi kesitu, akh!!!!


    1. Thank you for visited my blog dude,
      I've checked out your blog too!
      I found that you have visited some country which I had never come before too.
      I hope you enjoyed to visit my blog.

  2. what does make this Belgian brewer different with other?
    can we take picture inside the museum?

    hello... this is my first visit to ur blog....

    1. Hi dodo!
      So, what makes this museum different than the others is their experience.
      This Belgian Brewers is one of the oldest professional associations in the world.
      Of course, you are allowed to take some pictures inside.
      As long as it doesn't disturb other visitors.
      I hope you gonna visit my blog again in the next opportunity.