Town Hall, Brussels, Belgium

General Information :

Town Hall,Brussels,Belgium
The town hall is a Gothic building that was build in 15th century and located in the Royal Palace,Brussels,Belgium. This building is one of the most luxurious city hall in the country. Inside there, it possess important artistic and historic heritages such as paintings,sculptures, and tapestries.

Gothic architecture is a style of architecture that thrive during the high and late medieval period. You can recognize this style of architecture by observe the detail of the building. Gothic architecture use the pointed arc, they also have a large windows that often grouped, and have some traceries on it. 

My Story :

I was so excited and happy when I visited this place. The air was cool, beat the heat of the sun. I got my sunglasses on my eyes and started to capturing these buildings. These buildings is enormous with thousands of Gothic ornaments on it.I rather never find this kind of building in my own country before.  I took these view in parts to take it as a souvenir for me and you guys to see and feel. First of all, I saw the town hall which is famous around the world as one of several icon in Belgium. It was on the first sight of mine when I was right up there. And it was totally fascinating. 

Town Hall, Brussels, Belgium
The sun was just above our heads after I took several picture of this buildings. My stomach started to make a sounds. Lol. It's time for lunch then. We found a lot of restaurant and cafe around here. But it was so crowded and looks expensive. It is so usual in Europe, that the restaurant which have outdoor seats with a great view offer you a great value of price. As they are not simply focusing on selling their food&beverage but they sell their place for the people especially the tourists to sit and enjoy the scenery. Actually,we decided to look for food while we were walking. But my friend and I were quite extracted with those landscapes and tried to look for some souvenir in the souvenir shop which is also located near the town hall. You just need to go behind this town hall and you will see many stores and some of the are souvenir shop. Inadvertently, I forgot my hunger and start to look for souvenir. After that we continue our trip and felt hungry during the trip. Luckily, we found a bus stop and buy a cheese cake to prop our hunger.

Tips :

The Crowd of the Town Hall, Brussels, Belgium
If you are looking for souvenir in Brussels. You could find one behind the town hall. When you find hundreds of stores in front of you, I suggested you to pick a medium-large size souvenir store as the goods they sell looks more convincing. Moreover, as I observed that a small stores aren't offer cheaper price for souvenir. Souvenirs are sold approximately in the same price and quality, no matter who sell it. So do not waste your time, simply to save several cents. It will be more worth if you spend your time enjoy the scenery than saving several cents.

Rating :

This building is fascinating. The Gothic architecture style will amaze you. The atmosphere is really great. You can find many things to explore right here. The most important part is that you can recognize the difference between Belgian building and another building in the another nation as they have their own characteristic.

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