Sun Flower in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country which is located in Europe region but Switzerland is one of several countries which aren't merge into the Europe union. Nevertheless Switzerland has become one of the most peaceful country in the world and I wish I could spend my old time there.

Switzerland is using Swiss franc which is their own currency. Even though it has lower exchange rate than euro. But I really applaud them for the Swiss franc exchange rate remained higher than the U.S. dollar. And I believe that it's a satisfactory achievement for every country in the world.

Switzerland capital is Bern. Yet we visited Geneva. Geneva is the second most popular city, after Zurich. Geneva is popular with it's ice cream, chocolate and of course the Jet d'Eau. But I won't write about these things today.

When we stayed there we spent our spare time to walk around the hotel. Today I'll post a sunflower garden which is located near our hotel and we have never find thing like this before in my own hometown. I'll show you how beautiful the sunflower is growing in Switzerland.  Because there is a difference between the sunflowers in Switzerland than in the other countries. And the difference issss......

You solve it by yourself. LOL. HAHAHAHA. Because the truth is I don't know what is the difference between them.  But I guarantee that the sunflowers here is really beautiful.

The Sunflower in Geneva


  1. woww...Switzerland...still in my dream :(

    1. Hey CT!
      Switzerland is a completely beautiful country.
      You should visit Switzerland oneday.
      Thanks for visiting anyway :D
      Please come again and wait for my next post :D