The Dragon and The Old Man

Jeju Island !

I call it as The Thousands Miracles Island as this island has many folklore.

Once Upon A Time, the villagers believe that there is a rock which is created in a dragon form. And now it's known as dragon head rock. It's located on the northern side of Jeju Island.

At first when I came to this place, I couldn't found a figure of a dragon on that rock. But after stared on it for about half an hour, I finally found it and took a picture of it. I hope it can help you ease to find the dragon's figure on the rock so you shouldn't staring on it for hours.

Meanwhile All of the tourist is looking for that rock, I'm very interested to an old guy who still working in his old age. As you know Asian people is a hard worker people. I learn so much from this old man. Something that I could learn from this old man is "Hardworking regardless of age,therefore do not be too soft on yourself"

The Dragon Head Rock, Seoul, South Korea
The Diligent Old Man

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