The Forgotten Historical Site


Dongdaemun market ? Nooo, even though the market is an interesting place to visit in Korea, and also nominated as a popular shopping and tourist destination. Today we are not going to talk about the market.

There is a part which is often overlooked by writers and traveler.

It's the Dongdaemun itself.

This can be proven by the time you write down Dongdaemun on a quite famous search engine ( initialed with G), the topmost result is the Dongdaemun Market. I'm not blaming the search engine but as we know the search result is sorted by the amount of people who have searched with that keyword on the search engine.

I just feel concerned about human being's lifestyle nowadays. Shopaholic has been endemic through all around the world.

In fact this wall is very important during Joseon Dinasty. It surrounded Seoul so it was really useful to reduce risk of war with neighboring countries. Sadly,now it is not considered as a VIP ( Very Important Place) Hahaha. Whereas this wall is quite beautiful with some oriental work on it.

Dongdaemun Gate
Oriental Curve on the Gate

Note : I'm not assuming all of the people isn't concerned about historical place. I'm just trying to foster public awareness of concern for historic sites.

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