Photographing The Unknown Temple

When we went to Mt.Sorak, we were delivered by a gondola. Everybody busily took a photo in the gondola. But I have a different mindset, my aim is to have a different viewpoint photo than others so I could get a unique photo of Mt.Sorak. But I suddenly realized that we were too close to the mountain so definitely I can't took it's picture on the whole. I felt so dumb at that time.

I've already set my camera off because I've failed to take it's photo as we were too close and also the window of the gondola made my photo bounce back. Surprisingly I found something very interesting. There is a building surrounded by trees in the forest.

I think that it's a cool building. As time goes on, my curiosity grow bigger. So that I asked my tour guide related to my photo.Then she answered that it' Sinhheungsa Temple and we had visited that temple right after we visited Mount Sorak.

Sinheungsa Temple from the gondola

So here is some photography tips when you are in the gondola to Mount Sorak :

1. Get in to the gondola faster than others and stay next to the window

2. When taking photos don't use your flashlight to avoid reflection

3. After several minutes inside the gondola, you'll find a temple. Recognize that it's the Sinheungsa Temple.

4. You need to retouch your photo by adding some contrast level as sometimes the photo which is taken through a window is quite "foggy"

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