Seoul's Night Market

Are you a shopaholic?
Wanna be a K-pop star that surrounded by cute stuffs?

Myeong-dong is the answer!

After we went to Lottetown which known for their "Star Avenue" . We took a walk to Myeongdong the main market district in Seoul. So it's normal if you find branded items such as Polo, LV, Forever 21, and many more. 

Myeong-dong is a night market. So you won't find anything before night. The unique part about this market is their regulatory that disallow vehicle to go into the market so all the people should walk through the market and its feels great! So when the rain come, everybody is busily open their own umbrella. It was a great experience, you are like being in an action movies. 

But for those of you who doesn't give too much care about brand, so do I. I prefer to go down the street and look for a street vendor around Myeong-dong. I really recommend you to buy some cute things such as cap, bags, and umbrella. Because it's really hard to find those cute things outside Korea, although you certainly found it will be very expensive.

Myeong-dong Night Market

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