Sunrise Peak, also known as Seongsan Ilchubong (성산일출봉)

Sunrise Peak, also known as Seongsan Ilchubong (성산일출봉) is an archetypal tuff cone formed by hydrovolcanic eruptions which located at Jeju Island. Jeju Island is one of the nine province of South Korea.

When we arrived at this tuff cone which also known as the Sunrise peak, everybody were very enthusiast to see what is very special with this peak so that this peak can be nominated into the new seven wonder of the world. 

Oh! I forgot to tell you that when I visited Korea, there were many pennant banners about Sunrise Peak. They are very proud of this tuff cone / peak compounded by many travel agents and adviser recommend Jeju Island as one of ten top destination since last year.

When we came down from the bus, the weather became very hot. Many of the adults and parents discouraged to went up to the top. They just took the trip with our local guide to saw ocean view. But I keep determined to conquer that peak and see what is so special with this peak. 

My efforts commensurate with what I can saw from the crater. The view that I got when I was on my way up is wonderful, I can see Jeju Island from the top as the bird see, and it feels great!. Even though I didn't follow the local tour guide to see the ocean, I still can see it from the top. 

After I being on the top of this 182 meters high tuff cone/ peak. I really recommended the teenagers to go up as I have done before. I guarantee that you won't regret. Otherwise you'll regret to death if you decide not to go up to the top because the chance doesn't come twice. 

And for the adults, I still recommend you to go up the peak but maybe you'll need your umbrella to avoid the sunlight , massage ointment because you'll need it badly, and some extra clothes because you'll totally get sweaty after take this trip.

Jeju Island From The Peak
Jeju Island From The Peak

Note :

1. tuff cones : steep sloped and cone shaped. They have wide craters and are formed of highly altered, thickly bedded tephra. They are considered to be a taller variant of a tuff ring.

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