You don't have to wait, isn't it ?

Last year my family and I traveled to Korea. 
Yay, Holiday ! A sweet memory to have.

However we weren't directly head to Korea because we choose China Airline as our flight, and they should maintain their airplane in the main international hub which is located in Taoyuan airport. Taoyuan airport is one of four airports in Taiwan, this airport is the biggest airport in Taiwan. Even though Taoyuan airport has a pretty interesting roof construction it can't help too much to overcome my boredom. But a while before our flight I found something interesting for me.

Tao Yuan Airport, Taiwan

By the way, I really apologize to the pilot in this photo because I took your photo. I hope you are not angry. So if you're travelling around, even though you're in airport t is possible to get an interesting photo. This really gonna help you to fix out your problem during waiting for your next flight.

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