The Buried Treasure

Two letters that describe something extraordinary. It is zoo, consist of two letters z and o. In many countries zoo become a great place to visit.Similar situation also happened in my town, the zoo has become one of the best sightseeing in the town. The zoo in my town is the biggest zoo in Asia.

Yeaaaa, it's Surabaya Zoo !

Even though Surabaya Zoo is the biggest zoo in Asia unfortunately the treatment to the animal at the zoo is very bad. Sometimes they don't get enough food to eat and also live in an unhealthy environment. 

Already one year after my latest visit to the Surabaya Zoo. And recently I heard about a petition to close the Surabaya zoo due giving a better life for the animal in the zoo. And now I'm really confuse. Do I have to help them close the zoo by giving my voice to the petition or keep support the government and the zoo to keep their existence.

To sign the petition, just click here

So, The picture below shows a hidden treasure in Surabaya Zoo. So please be wise, think twice before sign the petition. Maybe there is still another way to improve Surabaya Zoo. 

All of the pictures were photographed by Joshua. So please do not copy without permission. Thank you very much.

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