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Hey there!
My name is Joshua, an Indonesian who loves photography, travelling, and laughing.Today he is trying to express his hobby through this blog . Furthermore,he has a "little" dream to travel around the world. He hopes that you guys will help him to reach his dream. This blog is created to be a container for him to share his experience and ideas. Most parts of this blog is under his copyright with the name of travelshroom as my web address also web title and the travelling mushroom as my watermark on the photos I captured.

Yesterday, there is also a reader who asked me why I use mushroom as my identity. I also gonna explain that question within this page. Actually, this name have no relation at all with things that have a bad connotations. So, this is how the story begins. Long,long time ago when I was on junior high. I didn't know anything about style. Everywhere I go, I never dress up. I always went with my messy hair and wear my shorts and t-shirt. When I went to barber I always said to him that I want my hair to be neated up. One day, my classmate suddenly said that my hair looked like a mushroom. From that day, many of my friends know me as "fungi". And it's still happening until today. I do not really mind the nickname they made for me. I think that is is not a bad thing to have. I believe that after we grew up, my friend will forget each other. But I know that they will never forget "fungi". But unfortunately, many people had misinterpret the meaning of my nickname. Some of them said that I'm a parasite, and some of them said that I'm a pests. Though they do not know what happened long time ago.

Time goes by, I think that mushroom have a deep philosophy. Mushroom is always be there wherever it thought it could be live by. It means that I could be in many circle. Secondly, mushroom also has a great sense of sacrifice. It helps to clean up the earth by disjoint the rotten stuff. In my life, it means that I should be able to clean up the vices of others. Mushroom also helps to make a food tastier. Pizza won't be that tasty if there is no mushroom on it. I am also created to brighten up the day of others too. So mushroom is not a very bad thing right? *grin*

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  1. Damn!
    You recalled my memory about my life when I was elementary. My friends used to mock about my hair (also some of teachers). Yes, they said "mushroom" head and also "helmet".
    Both of us share the same story....

    "Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time"


    1. Haha!
      We had a quite similar experience friend. :D
      I hope you gonna learn something from my writting above.
      Have a nice day!