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Do you remember when I told you that Vatican have the Swiss guard that in duty to guard the Pope ?
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Today we gonna talk about Swiss guard separately.
First of all, who is Swiss guard ? They are Swiss Army who work to guard someone or something at foreign European courts since the 15th century. So it is not surprising if you could find Swiss Guards in Vatican.
Nowadays, these Swiss Guards can't be separated with the Vatican city as it has been refereed as the Pontifical Swiss Guard of the Holy See.

Then, where to find them ? They are guarding around the St.Peter's Basilica Church. You could find them easily by going around this church. They should be there to protect this Church from a "troublemaker" because this Church is considered as one of several historical sites. This Church has Michael Angelo's drawings which is be sought by thousands of collectors, a place where is suspected as St.Peter's burial, and still many important histories parts which I can't mention one by one.

The most important thing is why do they are exist in Vatican ? 
The story begun since Pope Sixtus IV's era. He made a previous alliance with the Swiss Confederation. As they are alliance Vatican recruit the Swiss Guard due to protect the St. Peter's Basilica and also the Pope. Moreover, Vatican want a guard from a neutral country, and Switzerland is one of them. Vatican need guard from neutral country to avoid political purposes between countries.


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