Inner Part of Duomo di Milano

One of my reader asked me to write about the interior of the Duomo di Milano. Actually, I was planning to did it before he asked me to. But to make him curious, I delayed this post for several months. Hahaha
So, this is it, the interior part of the Duomo di Milano, Italy. As I had told you before, that we couldn't take picture inside this cathedral. However, when I was coming in, I saw many tourists were taking photos inside this building. As I was not the only man who eager to take this cathedral picture, I encouraged myself to take some pictures with the risk of being reprimanded by the cathedral staff or even worse, the bunch of armies that guard this building.

When I came in this building, my first word is "wow". This building is awesome. Maybe for you guys who live around Europe, this building isn't special as I told you. But for me, a person who come from Asian. This building is very hard to find. Even if I could find one, it is not as wonderful as I saw at that time. So, what I saw inside? 

This Cathedral isn't as busy as the one in Vatican. But this cathedral still exist in my top ten busiest church that I had ever visit before. As I rarely visit church when I travelling. Hahaha. Yet, seriously this church is quite busy and crowded even though it isn't Sunday. Many people come to the left side of this Church, turn on a candle and pray. I don't know what does it means as I am a Christian and and not a Catholic. And at the center of the building there are rows of chairs that I guess a place where people come and pray. I also prayed to Jesus at that time inside that cathedral. I told HIM that I am grateful to be blessed and got a chance to visit Europe that I had never imagine before. And it feels awesome. Then, moving to the right part of this building there is several rooms made of wood. My friend told me that it is a place where you could confess sins that you had done.  

Duomo di Milano, Milan, Italy
For those who want to visit this Cathedral and want to take some pictures inside. I suggest you to respect the others who are worshiping. Do not using flash as it will disturb them. I know that the picture gonna be quite dark as you couldn't use your flash. But I had tried to edit it and it looks like picture above. 

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If you love photography as the same as me. This place gonna be a good spot to take some photos. But if you are going to take some photos please read my post first before you took some. Happy travelling !


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