Story of Casanova

In our West European trip, we visited to many cities that famous for its romanticism. Paris,Rome is several examples of them. But we almost forgot something.

Moving from Rome with a speed boat, our boat pulled to a crowded city. I found that this city is surrounded by water and shaded by the sun. When I got down from the boat, I wore my sunglasses as the sun shined so strong that day. As soon as I could see clearly I saw a lady that wore a mask offered the people to take a photo with her. It is very usual in Europe that there are some people who try to earn some money by wearing some costumes that related to that area and offer the people to take a photo with themselves and asking for some tips after the people took some photos with them. 

The Casanova Lady, Venice, Italy

But I remembered something! Yea, it is Casanova ! This is Venice!
The mighty guy who are good at seducing. He has became a legend in this city.
So, who was Casanova ?
I believe He was a man who have a high intelligence. Why I said it so ? Because he had entered the university by his age was twelve! What a man. hahahaha
Unfortunately he can't use his intelligence wisely so that he was entangled by many legal issues. Some reasons that caused him jailed was because of his debts and he was accused for his many sexual and romantic exploits in 18th-century Europe because of his romanticism stories with several girls. As a result, he had got through the bridge of sighs and got thrown into the jail several times but he also fled away for several times. But at the end of his life he was seized by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1797 and died on that year. He was 73 years old when he died on that year.

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