Jet d'Eau

As you can see that Jet d'Eau is a large fountain in Geneva,Switzerland. Precisely, it is located in Lake Geneva.  Jet d'Eau has been one of the most famous landmarks in Switzerland, as it has been crowned as one of the largest fountain in world.

The fact is, based on the Wikipedia it states that five hundreds liters or about 132 gallons of water are jetted every second and this fountain is consuming over one megawatt of electricity. I believe that the government has spent a huge amount of money for this fountain.

Jet d'Eau with a Geneve Paquis Sign

This 'Expensive' fountain was first installed in 1886 and wasn't at its current place right now. It was located at the Usine de la Coulouvreni√®re, a little further downstream from its present location. Yet, in 1891, its aesthetic value was recognized and was moved to its current location today, in purpose to celebrate  the Federal Gymnastics Festival and the 600th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation. And this fountain has been operated everyday except if there is frost or hard wind. Moreover this fountain has attracted millions of tourists to visit this fountain in Geneva,Switzerland. 

Jet d'Eau, Geneve, Switzerland

Rating :

This is a must see landscape for tourist for its beauty. Moreover, you must visit this fountain in case to complete your experience in your travel to Switzerland. Happy Travelling guys !

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