Lost In Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower has become the most famous icon in France.Actually at first it wasn't as famous as today. Basically the Eiffel Tower is an iron lattice and was build for the telecommunication purpose. It delivers waves for the radio, and television. But this tower become famous when a world fair called "Exposition Universelle" was held in France from 6th May to 31st October 1889. After the world fair past, this tower crowned as the tallest structure in France, and also become he most visited paid monument in the world. It popularity has attract tourists from all over the world which has reached more than 200,000,000 tourist since it's construction in 1889.

The Mighty Eiffel, Paris, France

When I visited the Eiffel Tower I really aware of pickpockets as I have told you before. But my tour guide also told me a story which is also important.And it's a true story. He told me that several years ago, his friend was taking a group of tourist to visit the Eiffel Tower. The tour guide had pointed their meeting point so that the group can see some places around the Eiffel Tower such as souvenir shops,etc separately. But there was a man which was love to take photographs which is alike with me. He was too busy taking some photos so that he didn't care to what the tour guide had announced. Soon, the group split. But after the time has come. Their family realized that their father was gone. Then they reported the incident to the police. But they still have to continue the trip and can't wait for his father to come back. Then after several weeks, the police call their family to inform that their father has been found in a bad condition because he didn't have any money anymore. His money has been used when he was lost, and also he can't speak English even French language.

The Eiffel Tower in Black and White

"So do you know where the man gone?" ask my tour guide. He told me that the man was incorrectly recognize the meeting point. Because he didn't pay attention carefully, as the surroundings at every feet of tower is similar. So I took a lesson from this story. Please be careful when you are going to the Eiffel Tower. Do not be separate from each other. It will be better to travel together to minimize the risk of missing persons and being robbed.

On the next post, I will talk about the Eiffel Tower again. So stay tuned! Happy Travelling!

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