When The Light Turns ON

Promenade with a boat, down the river of Paris. Half hour trip was so fast. It means that we really enjoy the trip.

Maybe it's proper words to describe how enjoy we are when we traveled to Western Europe. Today, we'll talk a piece of my journey. We bought a boat ticket. The boat called "Bateaux Mouches". When we arrived there it has been so crowded. I believe that cruising through the river of Paris is quite famous here. 

The Nightscape Of Eiffel Tower

And I just knew what they were looking for after a while. They are looking for this picture below ! Yea, they want to see the Eiffel Tower at night. Because at night light on the Eiffel tower will be lit. There will also a LED light that will flash several times when the time comes (around 10-11 o'clock). I really recommend you this trip because it doesn't cost too expensive. But it's depend on what type of boat do you rent. You should check it out on the harbor for clearer information. 
When The Light Turns On