Duomo di Milano

Milan Cathedral is one of several place we visited on our trip to Milan, Italia. In Italian language they call it Duomo di Milano. In ancient times it was built in a very long time. It takes nearly six centuries to complete this building.But this building has been named as the fifth biggest cathedral in the world which is the biggest cathedral in Italy.

Duomo di Milano

If you're planning to go to this cathedral you mustn't wear shorts, tank tops, and of course everything that looks inappropriate in the church . There are several soldiers that will watch the visitors outfit and belongings. Because base on the cathedral rules you aren't allowed to wear cap, don't eat and drink inside the cathedral, don't be to noisy, etc. When I went to this church I am too busy taking some photos in the church so that I forgot to bring my cap with me. I just remembered about my cap after I went out of the church. I can't took it back because we didn't have time anymore to take a line just for taking my cap. So I leave it and continue my trip. So sad. So here is some tips when you visit the church. Do not too eager to take picture, pay attention to your belongings. I hope what happened to me won't happen to you.

To look the inside part of this Cathedral, click here


  1. what a great cathedral.... please share the interior pictures of this cathedral.....

    1. Hi Dodo!
      Are you really interested to know about this cathedral interior ?
      If yes, your are really lucky!
      You really have to wait for my next post.
      As in my next post I'm gonna talk about the inner part of this cathedral.
      So, stay tuned!