Being on top of the Eiffel Tower..

Hey everybody !

Today I just wanna share my photo in Paris, France. It was a great opportunity for my family to go to the 2nd floor of the mighty tower in Paris.The most famous and busy tower in Paris.

Eiffel Tower....

Even though I really beware of the pickpockets which is happened recently in Europe regions.It didn't hinder my desire to capture the moment at the Eiffel Tower. As a warning, my local guide had told me that the pickpocket in that tower is the most expert pickpockets in France.They are able to diffuse with the other visitor and being a fake visitor. They don't hesitate to invest a few euros to go up and stole someone's wallet. They also usually come as a fake family, bring a Canon camera and a child. So that their appearance won't make you aware of their coming. They also have another trick to take your wallet by asking your help to take their picture, when you are being busy taking their picture their colleague will easily take your wallet out of your pocket and pass it to their another colleague so that your wallet will disappear rapidly in the crowd of the Eiffel Tower.

So be aware when visiting the tourism sites. It doesn't always be safe. Remember, crime due to chance. Therefore once again I remind you, be careful!

Scenery from The Eiffel Tower