Rest In Peace : Our Best Dog !

Loly has passed away several years ago. Thousands of wonderful memories had we spent together. I still remember how these two puppies came to my house. But today we should hardly let Princess, Loly's sister to rest in peace. This post is written one day prior before her death. Maybe you could laugh at me when you read this post. Indeed, it really hard for me to giving up their death.

I still remember clearly how our story begins. Our grandmother sent us (my sister and I ) a birthday present. It was wrapped with a huge cardboard. I was 4 years old and my sister was only 7 years old if I didn't mistaken. When we open our birthday present we realized that inside that huge box there were two little black puppies. We were really happy to see those two puppies. Those two puppies are sisters,but they never got along. We usually got into a trouble when they got in a fight. It was so difficult to compose them both. Until one afternoon, they got in a furious fight. They sound cruel and bite each other. We tried to separate them by using broom and flush them with water but it was useless. For several minutes they continue to fight, my sister has been very hysterical to see them both fighting. Princess won the fight, Loly ran away and hide in the bushes. We found Loly bleed while she was hiding in the bushes in front of my sister's room. We tried to help her but it was too late. She died.

After several years of her death, we notice that Princess's bust that there were sort of injury arising. The bump get bigger and bigger so we brought her to animal hospital in Surabaya. The doctor said that she was contracted breast tumor. We were sad to hear that, the doctor said that let the tumor alone first. Her condition get worse and worse since the tumor get bigger and bigger. Last time, the bump has reached the size of an adult fist and bleed. We brought her to the hospital again and planned to help her death. But the doctor said that just let her live or just bring her to another hospital because the doctor was no longer able to handle it.

Today, the bump bleed again. My sister became really panic and brought her to the hospital that known as the best animal hospital in Surabaya. I believe that the doctors there are better than the previous one. When my sister arrived at the hospital the doctors suggest us to remove the tumor by an operation. But, when they check my Princess's blood they found that there are cancer found. So the doctor suggest to help her die because it's impossible to cure her with her tumor and cancer. This post was made to honor and remember my dog. My dog will always be in our heart. Them both has contributed well as a part of our family. They never be bored to keep the house safe when we are going out, they never fussy about what they eat like the other dogs in general, they always help to keep the mouses, cats, and even lizard stay away from our house. Even though, they usually barged into the house there are much more happy memories about them that will always still in our heart because dog is a man's best friend. Good bye my dog, I wish you will be happier up there.

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